K i c h e k o     G o o d s

 pronounced keh-check-oh

Meaning "smile/laughter," Kicheko designs, finds and makes distinctive pieces that invest in children's education in the Democratic Republic of Congo 


New Designs Coming Soon!

We're ready for the new year and dreaming up new concepts and designs specially for you. True to the Kicheko aesthetic incorporating beautiful, unrefined and natural elements, these new products will offer simplicity and distinction - two attributes you've come to love about Kicheko.

Kicheko at Catalyst Dallas!  

Catalyst is a conference that convenes thought leaders, businesspeople, artists and faith influencers from all over the world. On Jan 22-23, Kicheko had the privilege of providing our classic Gilded Equilaterals to speakers, group leaders and Catalyst staff. We loved seeing @catalystleader #catalystdallas style & share their Kicheko. 


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