K i c h e k o     G o o d s

 pronounced keh-check-oh

Meaning "smile/laughter," Kicheko designs, finds and makes distinctive pieces that invest in children's education in the Democratic Republic of Congo 


Your Favorites Now Online! 

Our top sellers and a few new darlings have been added to the shop. Select from Druzy Agate, Deer Tine dipped & edged in acrylics, Brass Allotrope, and Aura Crystal Quartz. More designs in the works. Stay up to date with us on social media @kichekogoods. 

Kicheko featured in Sew Urbane

The perfect combination - Kicheko + Sew Urbane. We accessorized the talented and beautiful Yetunde Sarumi in our Tri Woods and Parlay Cords to complement her latest design. Blogger, entrepreneur, and designer - we love her style and what she's about. 


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