K i c h e k o     G o o d s

 pronounced keh-check-oh

Meaning "smile/laughter," Kicheko designs, finds and makes distinctive pieces that invest in children's education in the Democratic Republic of Congo 


Introducing the HOPE & EDU Necklace

We wanted to create a necklace that in one gorgeous statement poignantly shared our aesthetic and mission. World, meet the HOPE & EDU necklace! Featuring mixed metals, hand-stamped details and layering goodness, pre-order the HOPE necklace by Fri May 1 for delivery by Fri May 15.  

HOPE Necklace

The Kicheko Blog

To inspire the human spirit, to connect the dots, to explore & enjoy good things, to propel a creative life - these are a few of our favorites. Read more about the everyday moments and people that inspire our work and life.


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